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Kent Scouts MAYhem 2020

A Virtual Camping Challenge during the month of May.

As you know we were planning to get as many people camping outside during the month of May but due to the current circumstances we are changing it to be a virtual Mayhem Camp with many challenges that each section member can do individually at home during May to earn their badge.

As part of our virtual Mayhem Camp we're looking to run a campfire online on Saturday the 16th May with both live and recorded campfire segments. This provides a great opportunity for Groups across the County to share and learn some new campfire songs.

If you are currently running your own online meetings and would like to contribute a song for the virtual campfire, we would love to hear from you. We just need you to record your song (e.g. as a recorded Zoom session) and make the video available to us as a link and send it to us by the end of April.

We can't guarantee that we will be able to play all the submissions but may be able to run some follow up events to show additional videos. The virtual campfire will be broadcast publicly on our Facebook and YouTube channels so it is important that you seek permission from parents/guardians to ensure they are happy for the recording to be used in this way. A copy of our privacy policy can be found at kentscouts.org.uk/privacy. If you have any questions regarding the campfire and videos please contact Simon Corrigan.

Section Challenges

Challenges will be available in May


I have a video of our song but unsure how to send it to you

Depending on how the video is stored you may be able to send us a direct link to it - alternatively you could upload the video to a free storage platform like Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer and send us a link to the stored file. If you need any help, please get in touch and we can try to assist.

If we are moving your camp to be later in the year can we still get the badge ?


How will we will get the badges?

There will be links available to fill in with what you have done on your challenge with the ability to upload pictures, videos etc. We will arrange for you to get the badges at a later date via the best way possible.

Got a question about the MayHem challenge?

Please use this form to contact us and we will reply as soon as we can.

Participation in any activity that takes place at home recommended and encouraged by Kent Scouts or any District or Group that are part of Kent scouting are totally under the control, safety and permission of the parent or carers of each young person.

Under no circumstances will Kent Scouts accept any liability or responsibility for any accidents; incident or injury to any person or persons or damage to property whilst participating in these activities.



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