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Euro Jamboree

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, COVID-19 and its rapid spread across the world, severe measures of social distancing have been implemented worldwide. These new safety rules have also affected our Scouting and Guiding lives.

Our face to face indoor and outdoor activities have been cancelled and many of our community projects have come to a halt. How do we cope with this challenging situation and continue to provide our Scouting & Guiding programme?

For those involved in the European Jamboree Project it is very clear. They live by the motto of WAKE UP, LOOK AROUND and ACT! And they never stop searching for ways to make an impact on the world around them. Not only do they promote ways of saving the planet and how to be the local ambassadors of these changes but also teach others how to care about their communities.

In this difficult time, Scouts & Guides can provide their communities with real support. Some of them are shopping for the elderly and vulnerable who live nearby, others have made hundreds of masks to assist medical staff in their essential work. Another form of help offered by Scouts and Guides from all over the world is organising charitable collections, whose aim is to raise funds for the purchase of fabrics, blankets and personal protective equipment.

There are thousands of examples of Scouts and Guides providing community service. They can be found everywhere. Many news agencies are reporting the involvement of Scout and Guide adult volunteers supporting the fight against this pandemic. Among them are the Turkish, Czech, Polish, British, Italian and Spanish Scouts who are sewing medical masks. There are also reports of about collections being carried out by Scouts and Guides from the Philippines, America, Germany, Australia, Canada, Egypt and Brazil. There are hundreds of initiatives with hundreds and thousands of people supporting in them.

In addition to the help that the Scouts and Guides offer their communities, their enthusiasm has not ceased. Traditional troop meetings have moved to the virtual world. This means that all members youth and adult can continue to be involved in the Scouting and Guiding family with a variety of different activities on offer.

It's in our Scout & Guide DNA to help in a time of crisis. For those that are healthy, there are multiple ways to help those in need during the coronavirus outbreak. It is important to make sure that all our help is meaningful and responsible.

Be safe. Stay well.


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