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Like all Scout and Guide camps, there are always plenty of questions to be asked!

Below we have collated those that we think you are most likely to ask. If there are any other burning questions that you have then please contact us via the form found here


Timings of activities will be confirmed at a later date

Some activities will be restricted by participant size but there are no age restrictions. But don't worry there's plenty to do.

There will be daytime and evening activities.


Rules regarding alcohol will be as per Scouting POR and the Green Card.

This procedure is provided to give participants at KIJ 2022 clear guidance on the expectations of the organisers in relation to consumption of Alcohol Standards

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase alcohol.

Any person under the age of 18 must not consume alcohol.

No Participants under the age of 18 will be allowed in the licensed bar.

Anyone who attends the jamboree as a participant (under 18 at start of camp) remains a participant even if they turn 18 during the camp and therefore will not be allowed to purchase or consume alcohol for the full duration of KIJ.

Staff under the age of 18 will have a separate alcohol-free area.

Any drink related incident or complaint involving persons attending KIJ 2022 will be dealt with by the Camp Chief and the Management Team, in full consultation with the County Commissioner and in an extreme case may result in expulsion from camp.


Groups can Arrive from 9.00am on Saturday onwards or for delivery or set up of equipment only by Leaders on Friday from 2.00pm to 7.00pm. No Groups can stay on site Friday Night!

Cars and Caravans

No vehicles are permitted on the sub camp areas unless for medical reasons and agreed by the Camp Chief.

All vehicles are to be parked in designated parking areas.

Camping Permits

All groups will need to abide by their association rules with regards to camping permits. Every group must have a permit holder attached to them, within those rules.


It is important participants are wearing suitable clothing for each activity for safety.

Participants not in the correct clothing may be asked to return to their camp to change before taking part in the activity.

Don't forget to order your KIJ Clothing at shop.kij.org.uk 

DBS and Safeguarding

The purpose of KIJ22 is to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.

We take the safeguarding of young people and the welfare of all participants and staff very seriously. During the Jamboree our Welfare & Listening Ear Team will be looking after all the safeguarding issues, if you need to contact them contact your Sub Camps or pop into The Hub.

It is the policy of KIJ 2022 to safeguard the welfare of all participants by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm.

To achieve this policy of Young People First, it is a requirement for all persons to act within a code of behaviour when dealing with young people at our event.


  • The following points must be followed by all at all times:
  • do wear appropriate dress at all times. (Upper body must remain covered at all times; hi-visibility jacket only is not acceptable).
  • do not have inappropriate physical or verbal contact with others.
  • do not play physical contact games with young people.
  • do not make suggestive remarks or gestures, even in fun.
  • not allow yourself to be drawn into inappropriate attention seeking behaviour such as tantrums or crushes.
  • remember that someone else might misinterpret your actions, no matter how well intentioned.
  • do not rely on your good name to protect you.
  • do not believe it could never happen to me

Report all occurrences of concern surround young people to your Manager, or the Listening Ear Team.

Don't Bring

For safety reasons please don't bring with you - Drones, heelies, roller skates, skateboard, cycles and hover boards on site unless they are part of an organised KIJ22 activity.

Also under our safety rules we will not permit the release of helium balloons or Chinese Lanterns (or similar).

Management Team will be using cycles.

The Showground is used by animals; as such everyone should be seated on chairs to eat. All cooking must be done on gas, no open fires are permitted on the showground. Adequate fire precautions should be provided by each group.

As a minimum group should have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket available in the cooking area.

Equipment Hire

There is limited availability of tents and cooking equipment to hire. Please contact your subcamp team to request this.

Fire Extinguishers

There will be many Fire Points situated around the site. Leaders should help ensure fire extinguishers are not set off unless there is a fire. In the event of a fire they should only be used by competent and confident people.

Fire Regulations

There should be a clear gap between tents, pegs and guy ropes of adjoining tents. Before erecting larger tents & marquees, please liaise with Sub-Camp Staff.

All roadways and fire breaks (including permanent and temporary) should be kept clear at all times.

Gateways must not obstruct any fire breaks or roads and guy ropes must all be kept within your site boundary.

Fire Hydrants should be kept clear of all obstructions and used only by authorised.

Litter and combustibles should not be allowed to accumulate on Sub-Camps.

LPG (Gas) cylinders must be kept outside tents. These items should not be stored in bulk on Sub-Camp, supplies will be available from the facility onsite.

Naked flames, i.e. trangias must not be used in small tents. When used in large tents they must be positioned away from wall and roof surfaces, away from other combustibles, out of draughts and where they cannot be knocked over.

No open fires or charcoal barbeques permitted.

All vehicles should be parked in the Car Park outside the main entrance to the Showground. Only designated vehicles displaying permits will be allowed on the Showground and must not obstruct roadways or fire breaks.

Each group is expected to have their own First Aider and First Aid kit.

Should further medical assistance be needed then the Central Medical team can be contacted. There will be doctors, paramedics and nurses to provide emergency cover.

Fridges and Freezers

Each sub camp will have a freezer specially to freeze ice blocks and fridges for medical storage.


All gas orders must be emailed to gas@kij.org.uk

For collection on arrivals day, advance order is essential. Orders placed before 16:00 will be available for collection from 12:00 onwards the following day


As is tradition in jamboree's the camping style is much closer than normal and in the interests of fairness to other campers the use of generators is prohibited

Lost Property

Any lost property found can be bought to reception from where it can be reclaimed. At the end of the event all lost property will be kept for two weeks, after which it will be given to charity.

Mobile Phones

There will be sockets for charging phones on each sub camp.

KIJ are not responsible for any loss or damage of mobile phones


Payments should be made no later than the 7th July 2022 (IST). Late payments will incur an additional charge.

If you are having problems making your payments, please contact our Finance Team on bookings@kij.org.uk

Possessions and Property

Personal possessions are the responsibility of the camper and/or the group. Unfortunately, KIJ22 cannot take any responsibility for lost items, although any lost items can be brought to Lost Property.

Personal property is unfortunately not covered by Girlguiding UK or Scout Association insurance, however groups may want to investigate taking their own insurance for such items. Please consult your insurance company for details.

Risk Assessments

Every team, and every activity will have completed and supplied an appropriate risk assessment.

Kent County council, Maidstone Council and Kent Fire and Rescue are also included in the Risk Assessment providing their own requirements.

All groups should risk assess their own camping area following camp procedure and their own Association rules.


Please recycle as much as possible

All rubbish should be carefully put into the roller bins that are positioned around the site.

Please remember that young people cannot always reach the back or top of the bins, rubbish left around the bins provides a severe health hazard so please ensure rubbish is placed in the bins whenever possible.

KIJ22 will endeavour to work towards being an environmentally sustainable camp. We will work towards promoting environmental awareness to all our participants through a range of activities and common practices.


We will have facilities for Supermarkets to make deliveries to the site if you place orders with them online.

There will also be shuttle buses to local supermarkets.


Smoking only allowed in designated areas.


No unauthorised trading (E.g selling badges, memorabilia, sweets, toys, souvenirs, camping equipment, cosmetics, clothing, food etc.) will be permitted at KIJ22.


KIJ will not be having an open day.

All visitors must be pre booked and will only be allowed on site between 10am and 10pm. All visitors must be off site by 22.00. Any remaining on site or those who can-not be located will incur a nominal fee charged to their group.

Anyone who has not pre-booked will be held at the gate until security are able to account for the visit. Please be aware, with experience from previous Jamborees, non-pre-booked visitors can wait for up to an hour while authority for a visit is granted.

All other visit requirements must be requested through Admin who will inform the applicant on permissions, procedures and any related charges if successful.


As the event is held on Kent County Showground, there are several permanent toilet and shower facilities available on site.

In addition, we hire extra mobile shower and toilet facilities which are strategically placed around the site.

Toilets and showers are regularly cleaned by service staff.

The showground has now upgraded their water supply with a regulated management system allowing for participants to clean their teeth in the permanent showground facilities


Disposal of water should be done at the designated sites please. Please do not throw wastewater into the hedges or boundaries.


We would not be in England if we did not talk about the weather. Please ensure that you have suitable protection for both hot and wet weather i.e. sun cream, a hat and plenty of water in the heat, waterproofs and a set of clean warm clothing to replace clothes that get wet during activities.


All accidents or incidents including near misses must be reported to your sub camp office or the activity leader as soon as possible after the incident.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a young person or an adult, please contact our Listening Ear Team.


There will be Wi-Fi network for use at KIJ22. However, we cannot guarantee speed of connection if everyone logs in at the same time.


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